Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

DEI should be the cornerstone of any recruitment strategy. As a recruiter we have an important part to play in promoting diversity and advising on and practicing fair and inclusive recruitment processes.

With our own dedicated DEI committee, we have a commitment to the promotion of DEI. This includes working with hiring organisations on their own diversity initiatives, leading conversations through our events and education program, ensuring our own working environment is as inclusive as possible, and collaborating on initiatives like Programme One, which aims to recruit more black recruits into our own industry.

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Diversity, equity & inclusion: why it matters for businesses

A diverse workforce has been shown time and time again to improve productivity, creativity and innovation which ultimately leads to better success.

It is a key factor in employee retention with more than half of Europe’s employees saying that working with a diverse group of people contributes to their happiness at work. 

Moreover, recent studies have shown that consumers are more likely to trust and support brands that demonstrate commitment to societal issues such as diversity and inclusion.

Even though in Germany we consistently rank in the top 5 of the world for the most-inclusive workforce within the Kantar Inclusion Index, there is still work to be done. A fair and inclusive recruitment process is foundational in building diversity in your business.

If you would like more information about how Gravitas can help you with your diversity initiatives, then contact us today.

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Our DEI Offerings

Our DEI vision statement is “To be recognised by our clients, candidates, and staff as a leader within Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion through positive action in reducing bias. Our aim is to make a difference to the working world by supporting our clients, providing clear advice on DEI recruitment processes, and encouraging allyship across all our networks.”

Our ongoing DEI mission is to ensure that DEI principles are integrated into all areas of our attraction, sourcing, and recruitment processes, as well as talent performance/management, advancement, and retention strategies. We conduct competency-based interviews to assess candidates based on qualities such as hard work, motivation, competitiveness, and resilience. Our job descriptions have been reviewed and amended to eliminate gender bias using tools like the Gender Decoder website.  During the internal interview process, we educate potential employees and candidates on the importance of DEI. Our Workshop and Interview Days (i.e. assessment centres) also include a section on DEI and its importance internally and externally. 

We hold our leaders accountable for implementing our organisations DEI vision, by setting standards, driving initiatives, and being role models. We do this by ensuring our leaders are trained and feel knowledgeable enough to have conversations about DEI with our employees, candidates, and clients. We are committed to advancing an inclusive culture and creating a better, equitable working world for everyone.

Gravitas DE&I committee

The Gravitas Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee is a diverse group of people, passionate about this topic.

Their aim is to improve DEI within Gravitas through positive action and the reduction of bias.

Also, to ensure that we collectively act on our crucial role in our wider communities, promoting DEI through education, collaborations, consultancy and advice on diverse recruitment processes and practices.

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I want to be part of the change that is happening around us. Being part of TA allows me to really show my passion for people and being part of the LGBTQ+ community has meant I want to ensure everyone can be recognised for their potential contribution.

Ryan Sullivan,
DE&I Committee, Gravitas
Victoria Morgan
Alex Naylor
Lara Thomas
Rupa Pithiya
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