Role: Associate Director

With over 16 years recruitment experience, Kumar has had an impressive career to date, including 11 years at an International STEM skills specialist and 3 years at a Global Technology & Engineering recruitment company

Over his career so far he’s had several career highlights. One stand out moment was the move to Germany from Amsterdam, a country where you need to speak & understand the language to be successful. He is really proud to have made the move successfully and got himself to a position where he not only turned around the business, but also earned the trust of his colleagues and clients. He feels that doing that in an environment where he initially didn’t understand the language and had to get himself up to speed with it, was a great achievement.

Kumar joined Gravitas on 1st January 2023 as Associate Director for Germany, where he is responsible for setting up the Frankfurt branch from scratch.
He is incredibly passionate about recruitment and helping people to find their dream jobs. He also loves helping colleagues to be more successful, and supporting the businesses with any manpower problems they might have.

Outside of work, Kumar has 2 children, so loves spending time with his family. He’s also an avid Arsenal fan so tries to not miss their games on TV.

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